WATCH: President Trump NATO Summit Speech in Brussels, Belgium 5/25/2017 Trump Nato Summit LIVE

WATCH LIVE: President Trump NATO Summit Speech in Evere, Brussels, Belgium 5/25/2017 – President Donald Trump arrives at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium. – President Trump participates in bilateral meeting with EU leaders – LIVE: Pres. Trump arrives at European Council – President Trump Arrives at the European Union Headquarters 5/25/17 – President Trump participates in the NATO unveiling of the Article 5 and Berlin Wall memorials – Trump meets wary NATO, EU leaders in Brussels

President Trump’s schedule for Thursday, 5-25-17

10:00 AM // 4:00 AM The president arrives at the European Union Headquarters – European Union Headquarters
10:30 AM // 4:30 AM The president participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with European Union leadership – European Union Headquarters
1:00 PM // 7:00 AM The president meets with President Emmanuel Macron of France – United States Ambassadors Residence
1:20 PM // 7:20 AM The president has a working luncheon with President Macron – United States Ambassadors Residence
4:15 PM // 10:15 AM The president participates in the NATO unveiling of the Article 5 and Berlin Wall memorials – NATO Headquarters
4:55 PM // 10:55 AM The president participates in the handover ceremony of the new NATO Headquarters – NATO Headquarters
5:45 PM // 11:45 AM The president has a working dinner with NATO leaders – NATO Headquarters
8:40 PM // 2:40 PM The president and first lady depart Brussels, Belgium, en route to Taormina, Italy – Brussels International Airport

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Trump revealed classified information to Russian diplomats
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